Snacks and Refreshments

Deliciously simple refreshment solutions for your corporate meeting or gathering

Morning Refreshments and Breaks

Menu One – $9.80
Danishes, Muffins and Fresh Fruit with Juices and Hot Coffee

Menu Two – $9.80
Whole Fresh Fruit, Cheese Cubes, Bagels and Cream Cheese with Jellies, Juice and Coffee

Menu Three – $10
Fresh Baked Quiche, Sliced Bananas and Strawberries with Yogurt, Sausage Balls, Coffee and Juice

Menu Four – $10
Hot Biscuits with Bacon, Sausage and Jellies, Hot Baked Cinnamon Apples, Danishes, Coffee and Juices

Menu Five – $11.25
(Choose any 4 items)
Assortment of Mini-Quiche, Gourmet Hot Ham and Cheese Petite Sandwiches, Cinnamon Rolls, fresh fruit, cheese cubes, sausage patties, bacon slices, hot biscuits, Sliced Bananas and Strawberries with Yogurt, Hot Baked Cinnamon Apples, Assorted Fresh Baked Cookies, Assorted Muffins, Bagels and Cream Cheese, Baked Croissants with butter, Coffee and Juices

Petite Sandwiches

Afternoon Refreshments and Breaks

Menu One – $9.50
Cheese and Crackers, Assorted Nuts and Party Mix, Mini Desserts

Menu Two – $9.00
Fresh Vegetable Tray with Dip, Assortment of Fresh Baked Cookies, Chips and Dip

Menu Three – $10
Chicken Tenders with dipping sauces, Cheese Fruits and Crackers, Choice of one Dip with Chips
Pricing based on a minimum of 25 guests. Sales tax not included in pricing. Service charge and r delivery charges may apply for some events. Ask for a quote.


Coffee Box with Cups and Condiments
Serves 12 – $14

Assorted Iced Sodas – $2 per person

Sweet and Unsweet Tea or Lemonade – $6 per gallon
Serves Approximately 15

Please note that current pricing might not be immediately reflected on the website. We reserve the right to change or update prices as necessary.

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