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Questions regarding rental fees, deposits and payments

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Q: What is the rental cost of your rooms?

A: The Red Barn Reception Hall rent starts from $2500.00. Please contact us for more exact pricing for your requirements.

Q: Is a deposit required?

A: Yes. A deposit of 25% of the advertised rental rate to secure the room. A date is not confirmed until a deposit has been received.

A: There are certain terms and conditions that dictate if a deposit is refundable and how much is refundable. These specific terms are spelled out in detail in each venue contract.

Q: When is the room balance due?

A: A 25% deposit is required. 50% of the balance is due 60 days before the event, the entire remaining balance is due 30 days before the event.

Q: Can we set up a payment plan?

A: We are very flexible and will allow you to pay the balance at your pace within the due date requirements. Many clients like making monthly payment and that is perfectly acceptable.

Q: What type of payment do you accept for the room payment?

A: We accept most credit cards, cash, check or money order.

Q: Are rates the same if we have our ceremony and reception at the venue?

A: There is an additional $250.00 charge for holding both wedding and reception. Other fees may apply according to your particular needs. This will be determined when a meeting has taken place to discuss your particular event.

Questions regarding the Red Barn Reception Hall

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Q: What is the most important thing to consider when booking?

A: Have a date or date(s) in mind. Catering and everything else is secondary to securing the desired date. Once a date is gone it becomes necessary to change your date or look at another venue.

Q: How many people does your site comfortably hold?

A: The Red Barn Reception Hall will hold up to 280 guests and parking for 250 vehicles.

Q: Can we have an outdoor ceremony at the venue?

A: Yes we can accommodate outdoor weddings.

Q: How long does it take to transition the venue from a wedding ceremony to a reception?

A: There are several factors involved at each venue. We can give a more specific answer once we determine the particular needs of your event.

Q: How many hours will we be able to have the room?

A: The typical reception rental is 4 hours, but we are flexible in the event that the ceremony does not run according to schedule. The 4 hours does not include time used for decorating. Additional hours can be purchased. Ask us regarding the details.

Q: When can we access the room to decorate?

A: Your room rental covers the “day of the event.” Access can typically be gained by 10 AM on the day of the event. If the room is available we often make provision for earlier arrival if possible. If you feel that you need to gain access the day before a fee may apply to reserve the room. This detail can be discussed at the time of booking the venue.

Q: When must we remove décor and other items from the event?

A: If the room is being used for another event the following day the items must be removed after the event. If the room is not being used we can make arrangements for you to come the following day. The venue is not responsible for any items left in the room before or after the event.

Q: When can our vendors gain access and what is the procedure for getting them scheduled?

A: Vendors can typically gain access during the course of normal business hours. All vendors should make prior arrangements and an appointment to insure access to the venue.

Q: if the cake must be delivered early, what provisions should be made?

A: We do not encourage an extremely early delivery of cakes to the venues due to the delicate nature of most wedding cakes. If a cake is delivered early we cannot make provisions for the cake to be placed in a cooler due to limited space. Due to the risk of damage, venue staffing will not move a cake once it has been set in place. The venue and its staffing will not assume any responsibility for a cake during or after delivery. The cake is the full responsibility of the person providing the cake and the client purchasing the cake.

Q: Will the venue be completely private for our event or will it be accessible to others?

A: The First Choice Catering Hall is completely private and exclusive to your event.

Q: What is included with the room rental?

A: The Red Barn Reception Hall includes 60″ round tables, 6′ rectangular tables, and padded chairs. Linens can be rented for $10.00 each. The exact number will be determined according to your number of guests and other table needs.

Q: How many people typically sit at a table and will we need table for all of our guests?

A: The answer depends on the type of event. Each table seats 6 to 8 adults for dinner style service. For a reception the number can vary and be as many as 10 if necessary. For a dinner seating is required for each guest. At a reception it is generally safe to plan on seating for 85% of your anticipated number.

Q: Can we provide our own linens?

A: Absolutely. However, the venue will not assume responsibility for lost or damaged linens.

Q: Is a dance floor provided?

A: The Red Barn has a sealed and finished concrete floor and it serves as a dance floor so one is not required.

Q: Do you provide table décor?

A: We do not, but we do have a list of qualified vendors who can or you may bring in your own décor. Again, the venue does not assume any responsibility for lost or damaged items.

Q: Do you have a sound system and how are the acoustics?

A: The Red Barn Reception Hall has a surround sound stereo system with AM/FM, CD, Cassette and I-pod capability. A lapel microphone is also available.

Q: Is there is changing area for the wedding party?

A: The venue is equipped with a public restroom and has a separate dressing room in the women’s lounge.

Q: Are the restrooms adequate to accommodate a large number of guests?

A: The venue has more then adequate restroom facilities.

Q: What about Parking?

A: Parking is available with handicap access.

Q: Is valet parking available?

A: We do not provide valet parking. You can provide that service but the venue will not assume responsibility for loss or damage caused by any company providing the service. Any hired service must provide proof of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.

Q: Do you have pictures of events in the room?

A: Yes, we do have pictures of recent events for you to review for ideas. We can show you these pictures during a preliminary visit and some are currently available on our
web site.

Q: Can we visit the venue when it is set up for another event.

A: It is possible for you to set up an appointment to view either venue when it is set up for a similar event. Call our office at 662-342-2559 to set up an appointment.

Questions regarding outside vendors

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Q: Can we bring in outside vendors such as florist, DJ, Videographer. Photographer, etc?

A: Yes. Each vendor should be a reputable and licensed business professional. They should provide the venue with proof of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. If the vendor cannot provide these documents they must sign an indemnification agreement releasing the venue and its owners from any liability resulting in injury or loss on their part while operating at the venue. All vendors are responsible for supplying all items relating to product or service they supply for the event. For a list of preferred vendors, visit our web site.

Q: Do you have a list of “preferred vendors?”

A: Yes, we have a list of “preferred vendors” on our web site. These vendors have worked with us for years and have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable. A password is required to access the list and will be provided by us as we begin to plan your event. Even though these vendors are recommended, we do not assume any responsibility in contacting the vendors or for any of their services provided.

Questions regarding food service

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Q: Do you have food service on site?

A: Yes, First Choice Catering is responsible for all food service at the Red Barn Reception Hall. First Choice Catering has been in the catering business for almost 20 years and can accommodate most requests. For an extensive menu visit the web site at

Q: Can we bring in an outside caterer or provide our own food?

A: Outside catering is sometimes allowed under the following conditions: (1) an additional outside caterers fee may apply (2) the outside caterer is licensed and insured, (3) the outside caterer signs an indemnity agreement releasing the owner(s) and/or operators from any liability resulting in loss, damage or liability as the result of the outside cater or its representatives negligence, (4) the client signs an indemnity agreement releasing the venue owner(s) and/or operator from any liability resulting in loss, damage or liability as the result of the outside caterer or its representatives negligence. All terms and conditions regarding this must be discussed and in writing before the event.

Q: Can the outside caterer use the kitchen.

A: Kitchen space is not permitted for use by an outside caterer. All outside caterers must provide their own equipment, supplies and means to keep food hot and cold.

Questions regarding alcohol service

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Q: What are your policies regarding alcohol?

A: Currently you are able to bring in your own alcohol and wine. Pricing will be provided upon request.

Q: Are there corkage fee charges and charges for a bartender?

A. There is no corkage fee. We work with Sam Hinson and Top Shelf Bartending for all your bartending needs.

Q: Do you offer a full service cash bar or client paid bar service?

A: At the current time we do not.

Q: Can we provide our own bartender?

A: We do not allow outside bartenders unless they are licensed and insured. If you provide a licensed and insured bartender they must provide all documentation stating that they are in compliance. A fee may apply in the event that an outside bartender is used.

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