Horn Lake Wine & Spirits

WIne and Spirits

  • Contact: Shanna Pafford
  • Tel: 662-393-4973
  • Address: 3047 Goodman Road, Hornlake (at the corner of Tulane and Goodman)
  • Website

“The Party Starts Here”

Shanna Pafford, owner of Hornlake Wine and Spirits is pleased to offer all First Choice Catering clients a 15% discount of purchase for events at or with First Choice Catering.

For a large variety of wines and spirits for your special occasion, Hornlake Wine and Spirits has it all. Located at 3047 Goodman Road in Hornlake, at the corner of Tulane and Goodman, go by today or phone 662-393-4973 and ask for Shanna. Mention your event and let the party begin.

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